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Speed Dating Tips

Speed Dating Advice To Help You Have The Best Experience

Updated March 2022

Many people are finding success with speed dating to find potential matches. This method can be nice because it allows you to meet many different people at one event. You can get a feel for whether you might have a connection with someone and you just might wind up hitting it off with someone special. Speed dating can be really fun, but it can also be a little hectic with a lot of people to date in a short time , so you may be interested in speed dating advice to get the most out of the experience.

The problem with speed dating is that many people start to get anxious before the big event. It isn't easy to have a good experience when you feel overly anxious about making a good impression. The best thing that you can do is to try to relax and not worry about the outcome - after all everyone there will be in the same boat as you. Arrive in plenty of time to go to the bathroom, grab a drink from the bar and start to chill. Getting a bit of advice might help to put your mind at ease, but you shouldn't stress out about the idea of speed dating. After all, speed dating just a quick drink and a chat - nothing more.

This article aims to help people understand the process of speed dating a little bit better. Once you read through all of this information, you should feel a little less nervous about the prospect of going on one of these dates. You'll feel more prepared overall and will be ready to have a good experience. It's a lot easier to feel calm when you feel like you have a good idea of what to expect. If you have any more questions there are also FAQ pages or you can call Love Speed Dating for help on 07523992921.

What Is Speed Dating? What is speed dating exactly? Well, speed dating is essentially a social function where single people can meet other singles to find a match. This method of dating hasn't been around for too long, as it was conceived in 1998 as way to help people meet many potential romantic matches at one single event. The idea of speed dating was born, and it has been an interesting way for singles to meet new people ever since.

To be able to attend, people will have to register for it ahead of time to ensure there are an even amount of men and women on the event. Many people enjoy the more structured events, though, because it feels like the people attending them are more serious about finding someone to connect with.

You might think that speed dating sounds somewhat similar to a mixer event, but they are different in several ways. At a mixer, people are simply allowed to socialize and meet people on their own. Speed dating is different because there is a structure that is adhered to. You will have a certain amount of time to talk to a person (usually 5 minutes) , and then the guys will move on to talk to someone else.

The fast nature of these speed dating events is simultaneously appealing and frustrating. If you feel like you are hitting it off with someone, then you may wish that you could have more time with them. Conversely, if one of the speed dates is going poorly, then you will at least know that it won't last for too long. There are both positives and negatives about these events, so you need to learn to work within the rules. You certainly want your date to be left feeling like they want to know you more!

How Does Speed Dating Work? Speed dating will allow you to meet many people in one night - around 15 people. If you are looking to make a connection with someone special, then you'll be able to meet up with many singles who might mesh well with you who are in your age bracket. You'll be given a certain amount of time to talk to a given person. The time limit of the speed dates will be announced in advance, so you should have a good idea of the amount of time that you are working with. Having a limited amount of time can make it tough to feel like you are giving someone an accurate representation of what you're about. It's important to try your best to communicate effectively and break the ice so that you can determine how well-suited you are to the other person. This method of dating is something that is easier for people who are more outgoing. Don't worry if you are a little reserved and take a while to warm up to others. You will soon get into the swing of things as the evening progresses.

Once your time limit is up, the guys will be guided to the next table to begin your date with another single person. The process repeats itself until you have had time with everyone that you would be trying to date. There are specific speed dating events for different subgroups and sexual preferences, but you will know what you're signing up for ahead of time. Just remember to do your best, and you should have a fun time talking to all of the different singles.

If you wind up hitting it off with someone during one of the speed dates, you can exchange phone numbers with them. This will be done by your hostess the next day so there are no awkward moments after your 5 minute date. You will receive a date card and pens to make notes on who you have dated so you can remember who to tick yes to!

Where Do You Sign Up For Speed Dating? All the speed dating events are listed in date order and are in sub sections on location and age group so you can be sure that the speed dating event is the best one for you.

Is Speed Dating Right For You? Depending on where you are at in life, the prospect of dating can either feel exciting or nerve-wracking. If you are interested in finding your special someone, then you need to have the courage to put yourself out there. It can be tough to think about dating again after you have just come out of a relationship or after a long period of being single, but it could be a worthwhile experience. Finding a new partner could lead to increased happiness in your life and plenty of new adventures, so it's worth a shot. To determine whether or not speed dating is right for you, it is necessary to examine your personality. Are you an outgoing person? If so, then you might be able to do well in a speed dating situation. If you are shyer and more reserved then speed dating will take you out of your comfort zone.

To have success at a speed dating event, it is helpful to have a plan, including some questions you can ask the daters.

Speed Dating Questions

Events will have pre-made speed dating questions on little cards. These are designed to help people steer the conversation and get to know each other during the allotted 5 minutes. You don't have to use them, but they are helpful little prompts should you get stuck.

It is a good idea to try to ask questions that will make you stand out. You want to show your date that you're a unique person and you don't want to be lumped in with everyone else by the end of the night. Crafting questions that are a little bit funny and can also help you learn more about your date will be helpful. This can help the date to be a little more fun, and you'll be able to determine whether or not your personality matches up well. Below are a few examples of some good questions that you might want to consider asking on your speed date. They may come in handy to help you find the match that you're looking for. A mixture of serious questions and fun questions is highly recommended, as you want to show that you are a multi-faceted person.

  • What is your biggest passion in life?

  • Do you have a favourite movie?

  • What was your first concert?

  • What do you want your life to look like?

  • What is the craziest thing you have done in your life so far?

  • Tell me a secret about you....

Important Speed Dating Tips To Remember Now it's time to get into the good stuff. If you want to have success with speed dating, then you need to have a good plan to make the most of the time that you have available. As mentioned above, asking good questions can be beneficial. There is more to speed dating than simply asking questions, though. You need to make sure that you stay engaged.

Stay Engaged

Nothing is going to give off a worse impression to a potential partner than not being engaged in the process. If you are disinterested or focused on something else, then your date probably isn't going to want to give you the time of day. Ensure that your head isn't in the clouds so that you can give the date a good effort. Engage your date in conversation and try to stay relaxed.

Break The Ice Breaking the ice is very important when you want to make things comfortable quickly. Sometimes using humour as an icebreaker will work well, but this might not be the best method for everyone. Something simple like complimenting your date on how nice they look could help to boost their confidence. Making your date feel good and ensuring that they are comfortable will allow you to have a better experience.

Social Awareness Is Important Try to be smart about how you steer the conversation as well. Some people may enjoy it if you get a little bit flirtatious, but this may wind up making another person uncomfortable. You need to have the good social awareness to succeed in this environment. Try to gauge your partner's personality before you go into anything more personal.

Be True to Yourself It is never a good idea to misrepresent yourself during a speed date. If the date were to continue further, then your partner would find out that you weren't truthful. Being honest about yourself and your situation is important. Telling lies to try to impress someone is not a good way to find a romantic partner. The purpose of speed dating is to find someone that will match up well with you. If you can't be honest, then you're not going to be able to find the person that you're looking for. Be brave and try to be confident that there are people who are going to love what you bring to the table. Everyone is looking for a quality connection so your honesty will be appreciated.

Go Beyond Superficial Conversations It's a good idea for you to try to go deeper than simply finding mutual interests if you can. You may have seen a speed dating meme or two on the Internet over the last several years. The male asks a question such as "have you ever seen Star Wars?" The female answers "no" and then the guy gets up and leaves the table. Romantic connections are about a lot more than simply liking the same things. It can be nice to find out that you have some mutual interests with someone. Maybe you like the same bands, or perhaps you both enjoy stand-up comedy. Someone having different interests than you shouldn't disqualify them as a potential partner. Try to determine what their life goals are. See if their stance on life and love matches up well with yours. Ask questions that will make you stand out and help the person you're speed dating to remember you. Just try to figure out what makes them tick and then determine if they are a good person.

Happiness in dating is about finding someone who complements you well. You might enjoy having things in common, but someone with opposite tastes in many areas can wind up being the love of your life. Put forth the necessary effort to get to know someone so that you can make a good choice—that way you will know that you gave it your best shot and you won't have any regrets about missed opportunities.

Have fun and happy dating! x

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