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What to expect when you are speed dating for the first time

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Are you new to speed dating and don't know what to expect from your first experience? Don't worry, you are not alone. Most people come to speed dating events alone, some come with friends and many make friends when they get there. Below is a guideline of how the events run and what to expect from a singles speed dating night out and how it all works.

1. Book the event

The events are split by geographical location and by age group. Most couples have an age gap of less than 15 years so it is sensible to stick to the age group you are in and someone who lives close by.

2. Arrive on time

People will generally arrive on time or 10/15 minutes early. This gives you a chance to relax, get a drink from the bar, pop to the loo and catch your breath before the dating begins.

3. Registration

On arrival, you will be greeted by a host for the evening. Your host will give you a 'date card' so you can make notes as the evening progresses and a name badge so everyone knows who each other is. On commencing your date, you will write down the name of the person, the badge number of the person and at the end of the date whether it is a 'yes', 'no' or 'friend'. The friend option is good if you are unsure and would like to get to know them a little more first before deciding if you would like to go on a date. Registration briefings commence at 8.00pm - with separate briefings for ladies and gents. This is because it works slightly differently for each - the ladies stay seated and the guys move around the room.

4. Introductions

Your host will explain how the event runs and the timings. After the briefings are complete the dating commences. On round one of the dating lady number 1 dates guy number 1 at table number one, lady 2 dates guy 2 at table 2 etc. At the end of 4 minutes the host will ring a bell and the guys will move up one table, so guy 1 goes to table number 2 etc. At the end of each date, you will have 20 seconds or so to make a brief note before moving on.

5. Half Time

At halfway through the evening, your host will let you know it is break time. You have 15 minutes to top up your drinks at the bar or pop to the toilet. You also have time to socialize with the other daters and mix and mingle.

At the end of the break, the dating continues where you have left off.

6. Second Half

The second half continues with the guys moving around from date to date. The dating is complete when all males have dated all females.

7. Completing your date card

At the end of the evening, simply finish completing your date card and then hand it back to the host. The host will work out your results the following day and let you know via email. You will receive the name of the person you have matched with and their phone number. It is then up to you to make the next move and arrange to see each other again!

8. After the speed dating event

The venues are usually open until late, so feel free to stay and chat and have another drink or maybe a bite to eat after the dating has finished.

9. Keeping in touch

We love to hear success stories, so please let us know if you have met the love of your life or your soulmate - it's always lovely to hear your success stories!

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