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Personal Profile

Cat Llewellyn

Owner Love Speed Dating


Mikyla Edwards
Graphic Designer Love Speed Dating


Also on the team is my daughter Mikyla Edwards who is a Senior Graphic Designer, making Love Speed Dating a real family business. 


I'm Cat Llewellyn and the owner of Love Speed Dating and your hostess for events.

My journey began 5 years ago when I became disillusioned with endlessly swiping on dating sites and so decided to go speed dating.  I was very nervous and worried about 'putting myself out there' but I need not have worried as I had a great night meeting new people and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  So much so I became a speed dating hostess which I did for 6 months before deciding to set up my own speed dating company.

And Boom!  Love Speed Dating was born :-)

We have been running speed dating events for the last 4 years in Birmingham and Solihull and are now branching out into other areas.  

Love Speed Dating's results are calculated and sent to you the very next day.  This is our key difference as we believe in striking whilst the iron is hot and helping you as much as we can to find you that special someone.  No more waiting for a week for your results and entering them into a database - Love Speed Dating does all the hard work for you, giving you more time to relax, enjoy your speed dating journey and finding you a new partner.

Love Speed Dating has a very high success rate of finding matches - the average is over 85% per event.  

Come along and join in the fun and meet your match with Love Speed Dating x

5 Minute dates

Long enough for first impressions.... short enough to leave you wanting more.

Love Speed dating

Dedicated to helping you find the one. Events are by age and location.


Most of our clients are word of mouth with over 90% saying they would recommend us to a friend.


Success Rates

Speed Dating events have an average of 85% success in matching people at events 

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