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Welcome to Love Speed Dating Singles Events 

How Does Speed Dating Work?

A warm welcome to Love Speed Dating. 

Here we will explain how speed dating works and what happens when you decide to come along to one of our events.  We believe creating the perfect atmosphere is important in the success rate of our events and we take great care in choosing the right venue with mood lighting, candles and soft music and host events in bars, coffee shops and nightclubs.

It is completely natural to feel apprehensive when coming along to speed dating and after all everyone there is in the same boat.   You will soon relax and have a wonderful evening getting to know new people.  We guarantee you will leave the event having had a fun night out chatting and laughing with new single people who, just like you, are ready to take the plunge and try something new.


Where to start speed dating?

The speed dating events we hold are listed in date order and by age group.  The age groups are:

20's and 30's

30's & 40's

40's and 50's 

Simply choose the age group closest to yours.  For example, if you are 34 you could choose 20's & 30's or 30's & 40's - the choice is yours.

The events are also split by location and we currently hold events in Birmingham at Be At One New Street opposite Grand Central Train Station, Solihull at the Slug & Lettuce in Touchwood and Heidi's Bier Bar on Broad Street, Birmingham.  

The earlier you book on to an event,the more money you save as we have a limited amount of early bird tickets for each event from just £9.99.  Standard ticket prices are £14.99 per event. 

There is nothing else to pay - no membership fees - simply pay per event you attend.


What happens at the speed dating event?

On arrival, you will be greeted by your friendly host who will explain how the evening will run and help you get started and answer any questions you may have. 

You will be provided with a date card to write down some notes on the evening to help you decide who you want to meet again. 

We stongly recommend you write down some notes during the event as this will help jog your memory as to who you would like to see again.  Sweets and pens are also provided. 


Once everyone has arrived and registered with the host, we explain how the event will run to the ladies and get them settled into their seats before explaining it to the guys and then proceeding with the dating.

After around 5 minutes of chatting to your date, the host will sound a bell.  This is when the guys rotate to their next table whilst the ladies remain seated and the dating begins again. The ladies therefore remain seated for the entire event.  There will be a 20 minute break halfway through the event where you can top up your drinks at the bar and visit the toilet.




What happens next?

Once you have dated everyone, the final bell will sound.

This is your opportunity to complete your date card and tick yes or friend to who you would like to see again.

Then simply hand your date card back into your hostess and the results will be calculated the next day and sent to you on email.  Your matches will receive your first name and your phone number.  It is then up to you to contact them to say hi and continue getting to know your new connection..

You are welcome to stay after the event to have more drinks, or perhaps dance the night away with your new found friends.  Either way, we are sure you will have had a great night out, meeting new people your own age who are in the same boat.

Tickets and event details are available on the link below.  Good luck and happy dating!

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