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Speed Dating Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  How do you keep ratio of men/women equal?
A. The ticket sales are monitored so that there are equal amounts of
male/female tickets sold for the events.

Q.  What is the success rate for speed dating singles events?
A. The success rate is very high for meeting a potential match. 
An average event sees around 85% match rate.

Q. I am very nervous.... help!
A. You will be met by your hostess/host for the evening who will explain how it all works.  Most people come on their own so don't worry.... you will soon be relaxed and have a great night.

Q.  What questions do I ask on the speed dating?
A.  Anything you like! We recommend giving the other person a chance to chat as well.  Tell them about yourself, what makes you interesting, hobbies, interests etc.  There are also question prompt cards on the tables for if you really get stuck.

Q. How many people will I meet?
A. We aim for you to meet 10 - 16 people per event.  The minimum is 10 per event.

Q. Can I make friend too?
A. Sure - we split the ladies/gents at the start of the evening giving you the opportunity to make new friends and chat before the speed dating starts.  This way you can swap tips and relax before the event.  Lots of people have become firm friends from speed dating!

Q.  Why is speed dating so successful?
A.  People who come speed dating are making a conscious effort to
find a potential partner.  The events are designed to give you a snippet of the other person on a date, leaving you wanting to find out more.  You will have 5 minutes with each person and a date card to make notes along the way.  Hand this in at the end of the event and the matches are calculated and sent the next day.

Q. What should I wear to a speed dating event?
A.  We would recommend smart/casual for speed dating. Be At One have a policy of no hoodies or caps.  Be yourself with what you wear - first impressions count!

Q.  How do you receive your matches?
A.  The results of the speed dating events are calculated the next day and are sent to you via email.

Q.  How long do you wait to hear about speed dating matches?
A.  Your results are calculated by the Host/Hostess and are sent to you the next day.

Q.  Can friends come and support me?
A.  Friends are welcome to attend a speed dating event to offer support.  They are free to attend, however will not be able to participate.  They are welcome to sit at the bar and cheer you on. 

Q.  Will my matches receive my phone number or email?
A.  Your match will receive your first name and your phone number.  We recommend exchanging phone numbers, however you may exchange an email instead if you prefer. 

Q.  I am coming on my own and am very!
A.  The majority of people who attend speed dating do so on their own.  You will be introduced to others in a similar boat and will soon be meeting people so don't worry!  You will receive a warm welcome from your hostess and it will be explained how it all works.

Q.  Do you run any other singles events?
A.  Yes!  We host Christmas parties, summer BBQ's amongst others.  Sign up to receive monthly newsletters with event details. 

Q.  Do you have gay events?
A.  Sure, we hold gay male and lesbian speed dating events from time to time.  These are held at the LGBTQ+ friendly Be At One Cocktail Bar in Birmingham.  Sign up to the emails and you will be sent event details.

Q.  What if the event gets cancelled?
A.  The event rarely get cancelled, however if they do for any reason you will be offered a full refund and the opportunity to move your ticket to a future event if you prefer.

Q.  I am in my 50's... Am I too old to attend speed dating?
A.  No, we hold events for ages 40's & 50's and these are perfect events for you to attend. 

Q. Are the venues disabled friendly?
A. We recommend The Slug & Lettuce venue which has a small ramp to the speed dating area or Heidi's Bier Bar which has a lift upstairs.

Q.  I own/run a bar.  Can you host events for me?
A.  Sure, just contact Love Speed Dating and we can discuss further as we are always looking for new venues to host speed dating events.  Contact Cat Llewellyn on 0121 798 7969 or 07523992921.

Q.  My question isn't listed.... how do I contact you?
A.  Call us on 0121 798 7969 or 07523992921 and we will happily answer any questions you have.


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