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Why are Singles Speed Dating Events So Successful

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Why is Speed Dating so successful?

At Love Speed Dating we have a very high success rate of matches at speed dating events, but the question is why?

A lot of people who come speed dating do so because they have become disillusioned with online dating apps – endlessly swiping left and right and never striking up a meaning full conversation or getting to actually meet someone face-to-face.

People on dating apps naturally want to show of the best side of themselves, however there’s a fine line with tweaking a picture to highlight yourself in a positive light to going full Kim Kardashian and photo shopping the entire photo! At speed dating you are meeting a real person with no filters, no bunny ears and no photo shopping.

No Catfishing. If you are not familiar with the term, a Catfish is someone who makes a completely fake profile. This can include fake picture, names, location, job etc……. people have been known to talk to ‘catfish’ online for years and never actually meet the person in the flesh. There are films and MTV shows dedicated to this subject and can be a complete waste of someones time and affections when you could be meeting someone real.

At speed dating you meet face to face from the get go so there’s no hiding from the real you! Speed dating gives you 4 to 5 minutes with someone on an initial ‘date’. You have a chat and get to know a little about each other. You can assess their taste in clothes, how they look, smell, personality, initial attraction (we are all animals!) – all in a very short space of time. At the end of the evening you decide if you would like to see them again. The host will work out the matches and if you both say yes then your host will email you with their phone numbers the next day. This takes out all the awkwardness of asking for a phone number yourself – the host is the matchmaker and this works very well. It’s an amazing feeling the next day when you are awaiting that all important email pinging into your box to find out who you are dating this week.

By coming speed dating, you are actively looking for a partner and chances are so are the people you meet. This gives you a much higher chance of meeting someone new – you never meet anyone new sitting at home watching TV .

Not only do you meet new people of the opposite sex, you will also meet new friends along the way. We are all sociable animals at heart and meeting new people and gaining ideas gives us a lift and makes us feel good. At speed dating you are all ‘in it together’. Sure, some people will have been before, but that’s a great source of information and tips to help you with your speed dating experience. There will be opportunities for you to have a chat during the night to your new found friends while you top up your drinks at the bar or carry on the party after the speed dating event has finished.

On a traditional ‘date’ you only meet one person per evening. At speed dating you can meet up to 15 new people of the opposite sex in one night – thus greatly increasing your odds of meeting a match. The success rate with Love Speed Dating for December 2019 was 86% of our participants met a match. If however you do not meet a match on the night you attend a speed dating event, your next event is completely free. Thus you have 2 chances to meet that special person and make a connection…… what do you have to lose?

Happy dating x

Cat - Love Speed Dating

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