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50 Things to Do With Your Partner

Getting stuck in a rut with a partner? Want some interesting date ideas to brighten up a winters day? Check out these 50 top date ideas - great if you are in a new relationship or have been together a while.... there's something for everyone!

1. Play cards. 2. Use YouTube to teach yourselves something new – like salsa dancing! 3. Visit the antique store – so much fun. 4. Work on a home improvement project together. 5. Invite friends over for dinner. It’s a great excuse to try out a new recipe…or clean your house… 6. Look at houses you would buy and dream of your future home. 7. Go mini-golfing. 8. Pick out a new bottle of wine to try. Or go to a wine tasting!

9. Shop for all the ingredients and bake a pizza together. Grab another couple and have a competition! Or host a pizza party. 10. Write a list of things you dream of doing in the future together. 11. Play mini golf..... Ghetto Golf in Birmingham is amazing! 12. Have a picnic. 13. Go to a concert or music event. 14. Take goofy pictures together. 15. Visit a tourist attraction in your city and go sightseeing. 16. Take a drive. 17. Go out for ice cream or your favorite dessert! 18. Play a board game. Even better, have friends over for a game night.

19. Bake something together. Take it to another level by dropping off the baked goods at a friends house to surprise them! 20. Go to a local event or festival. 21. Walk around your favorite store and go shopping…or window shopping. 22. Visit the local animal shelter and pet animals. 23. Have a gaming night at the NEC 24. Visit the local art museum. (Birmingham Art Gallery is free!) 25. Check out the local farmer’s market. 26. Read a book together! I haven’t done this, but a couple I know really enjoys it. 27. Make cards or a gift for someone. Never too early to start getting ready for Christmas 28. Host a cocktail party at your place – planned or impromptu. Make it themed! 29. Go watch the sun set somewhere lovely. 30. Get a friend to do a photo shoot! You know you need some new portraits. (I’m a Canon girl. I love my Rebel. It makes it easy to take semi-professional-looking photos. Here’s a great starter kit, if you’re looking to get into photography!) 31. Work on your own hobbies, but in the same place at the same time. 32. Let your other half/roomie/whoever pick out the activity! Whatever it is, go all out and enjoy it, just to encourage him or her. 33. Go to a coffee shop and catch up on life. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk. 34. Hang out at the library and read some books, or pick up some to take home. 35. Play an interactive video game. If you don’t have a system, borrow one! 36. Plan your next vacation together – some say the planning is more fun than actually going. 37. Take a hike. 38. Pop some tags at the thrift shop. See who can find the coolest item, or pick out clothes for each other! 39. Have a water fight! Splash a little water at each other. Grab a couple water guns and have a blast. Hey, easy clean-up!

40. See a local sports event – even if it’s a school sport. 41. Go go-karting - winner gets bragging rights. 42. Go frisbee golfing 43. Have a Skype session with faraway family or friends – we always have fun with this! 44. Ride bikes. (Borrow them if you don’t have any.) 45. Volunteer for a service project together. 46. Try a new restaurant or explore a new place you haven’t visited nearby. 47. Take a road trip to visit friends. 48. Take dance lessons. 49. Learn how to play an instrument together. 50. Check out Groupon or Living Social for deals on fun things to do – and then go do something!

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